In early October, my law firm had the opportunity to be an Event Sponsor at the annual Disneyland event, “Gay Days Anaheim.” The days I spent at The Happiest Place on Earth was a beautiful culmination of several dreams realized.


First, I got to support the LGBTQ community in a way that rekindled the passion I felt for advocacy back in my undergraduate days leading the Allies group. Second, I was able to unapologetically gush about the legal work I do helping families with adoption, surrogacy, custody, and estate planning to anyone who visited my table. Last, I relished in spending time with a group of equally fanatical Disney nerds, along with my parents, nephew and beloved cousins. It was pure joy.


I also took pictures with Captain Hook, Moana, and the Tiki Room sing-along-birds. These new friends got me thinking: what would happen to the Jolly Roger ship if Captain Hook was in a divorce proceeding, how Moana ought to honor Hei-Hei in her will, and which Tiki Room birds represent what parties in a typical surrogacy arrangement.

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