North County Bar Association

Anna is a member of the North County Bar Association.

Border Angels

Border Angels

Anna volunteers with Border Angels, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting humanity and decreasing the number of unnecessary deaths of undocumented individuals traveling through the Imperial Valley desert areas and the mountain areas surrounding San Diego County, as well as the areas around the United States and Mexican border.

Daughters of the American Revolution

D.A.R. Rancho Buena Vista

To learn more about her own ancestry and American cultural heritage, Anna serves as a committee chairperson with D.A.R. Rancho Buena Vista. This patriotic women’s organization serves and helps support the local military community in San Diego.

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega

Anna maintains ties with the friends she made in college through Kappa Omicron Kappa, an alumnae group for the women of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Alpha Chi Omega’s primary philanthropic endeavors support victims of domestic violence. The organization is also committed to supporting the arts. Both causes resonate deeply with Anna.


Lopado Inn of Court

Anna is a member of the Lopado Inn of Court.


Baby Quest Foundation

Anna is a member of the Baby Quest Foundation.


Trojan League of San Diego

Anna is a member of the Trojan League of San Diego.