A. C. Howard Law is a specialized law firm that provides effective and affordable legal and counseling services to clients in the San Diego area. We are dedicated to supporting our clients during some of life’s most emotional and stressful times. Primary practice areas include:

Estate Planning

We prepare wills, trusts, advance directives, and powers of attorney to provide peace of mind and help secure your family’s future.

Family Law

We craft fair resolutions in matters of divorce, child custody and visitation, and spousal and child support.


We handle legal matters related to independent and agency adoptions, as well as handling judgments of parentage.

Assisted Reproduction

We assist individuals and couples with growing their family by developing contracts and filing court documents regarding surrogacy, egg, embryo, and sperm donation. We also work with surrogates and donors to ensure that their interests are represented.

Each case receives extensive personal attention, at fair and reasonable fees. We offer a free 25-minute consultation so that you can talk about your issue and receive guidance on next steps. Call or email today for your free consultation.